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Flange Fittings and Pump Coaching

A beautiful young mixed Race African Ame


Flange fitting and coaching with personal pump

$40 for 30 minutes

Flange fitting and coaching with multiple pumps

$50 for 45 minutes

Available Flanges

Bring your pump to learn how to maximise it's potential.

Try many different flange size and types to find YOUR best fit.

The goal is to maximise milk production, eliminate pain and discomfort, and minimise pumping time.

Bring your pump and/or trial the pumps available in the office:

Medela Symphony - rental

Medela Freestyle Flex

Medela Pump in Style

Ameda Mya Joy

Spectra S1



Maymom sizes: 10-24

Styles: regular, Pano, crater

Medela: 21, 24, 27

Pumpin Pals': XXS-XL

Flange inserts sizes: 10-22

Medela in-bra cups

We also carry connectors, membranes, back-flow protectors, duckbills and and converters to mix and match pump parts

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