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Solids & allergies: new info!

Post number 2! Terribly exciting.

For all parents with new babies, feeding your kids can be fun, but nerve-wracking. Everyone is concerned about allergies these days. There's all kinds of information and misinformation out there, but it's not as complicated as it sounds, Did you know that it is no longer recommended to delay any foods to prevent allergies, even in families where there are already allergies? Research has shown that delaying potentially allergenic foods may increase the risk of allergies. Now, we don't know the optimal age to introduce these foods, so we recommend to introduce them when you would be introducing solids to your baby, which is around 6 months. If you are concerned about this topic, you can always ask your docotor, but I have attached the link to the position statement for the Canadian Pediatric Society on this topic. It can answer some questions you may have,

Many families who have experienced food allergies are probably not going to feel comfortable with these reommendations, so of course follow your parental instinct. It doesn't make sense to give baby number 2 peanut butter at home when child number 1 is allergic, but you still should not avoid allergenic foods for baby number 2. I know that sounds scary, but the science is there. Again, talk to your doctor about this if you are worried, As dietitians, we stay up to date on this kind of inofrmation, and hopefully this can make your life a little less restricitive when it come to baby's food.

You can always contact me with more questions about this or any other topic with babes and munchies.

Have fun and eat deliciously!

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