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My first blog post!!!

So this is my first blog post ever. I will be putting up interesting links, articles, podcasts etc... that are of interest to me and hopefully you!

Today's first post is about breastmilk, one of my favourite topics. Did you know there's a thriving trade of this liquid gold? In Canada, women can donate their extra milk to milk banks, but in the US, women are paid for their milk, and some women can get enough money to delay going back to work. Of course, there is a debate abou this, with many sides - should we donate milk because we are altruistic, or is this a fairytale idea? Would we have more donations if women were paid, because it does take time (OMG 2 a.m. pumping), money (the pump costs $$$) and effort (again 2 a.m. pumping instead of sleeping). Is pumping extra breastmilk a job, or a volunteering position?

For myself, I would have liked to donate my excess milk, but I was not allowed to do so because I delivered at the Jewish General Hospital. In any case, I would have done it anyways, but I do understand where moms are coming from if they would do it for payment - because pumping is not a walk in the park (ok it sucks).

Here is a link to a podcast - the CBC's "The Current" had a wonderful debate about this. So take a listen while pushing the stroller, driving in traffic or making muffins.


#Breastfeeding #breastmilk #donating #milkbank

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